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Welcome to the official site of the Pan-Galician Druidic Fellowship (IDG in the Galician acronym).

The IDG is an association formed by those who follow the path of the Galician Druidic tradition. The Fellowship offers shelter to Druidic believers, where they can observe the Celtic calendar in community and benefit from religious services, advice and information.

The IDG is an officially registered religious association with the (Spanish) Ministry of Justice – number 022549 – and is, therefore, under legal protection and responsibilities.

The IDG shares the main principles of Druidry elsewhere but focuses on the own Galician tradition and Celtic legacy, which we believe to be the original core of the Atlantic Celts. There is indeed a continuity in the beliefs, folklore and Galician character that can be traced back to – at the very least – the times of the ancient Pan-Galician Celtic civilisation. In this way, the IDG pays paramount attention to historical accuracy and documented evidences when available, following scientific criteria. Nonetheless, IDG’s view of Druidry adapts to the contemporary world in order to avoid anachronisms and make it relevant to followers today, bearing in mind that this is, ultimately, a religious association and that religious interpretations will be produced.

Having said that, the IDG considers that this Path is for those who wish to take it freely, hence it is specially relevant for those with some sort of personal connection with our Land. Surely, this does not exclude other approaches to Druidry, which may be perfectly valid to other people or groups. In fact, we encourage people to seek out and investigate Druidic groups close to them since we consider Community and local – “hands-on” – action to be of the utmost importance and fundamental to true druidic practice.

The IDG is a non-profit organisation. All funds are used exclusively in the maintenance of the organisation itself and, when possible, saved for future contingencies or long term projects. Members do not pay any regular fees nor money is ever asked from them. The IDG is financed only through voluntary donations and the odd merchandise item.


This website uses Galician (Portuguese) as its main language. Translations into English are provided when possible. More information on Galicia can be found >here<.

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where English language is also used on occasions.

If you wish to contact us you can reach the Fellowship >here< or you can publicly ask any questions you like in English >here<.

Modern Celtic Realm (National Geographic, 2006)

Modern Celtic Realm (National Geographic, 2006)

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